blue labelled amber dropper bottle held in pale hand against grey background

The background:

I always put new products through a testing process, and would love you to be part of the product development. NZ only, sorry

The latest serum was formulated for a couple of specific clients, but I loved it so much that I decided to put it through the process to add it to the range.

If you evaluate it for me, you get a free one product, and all I ask is for your feedback.

Koha for shipping would be lovely, but is absolutely not expected.

I have a couple of iterations, and I want to test them across a range of people, before determining which formulation to use.

So far, teenagers and people in their 40s have tested it, all with Anglo-Celtic skin ancestry. I need more variety in age, skin type, and occupation/environment.

What happens:

IF you are selected, you'll be sent a serum and a questionnaire. I’m making the questionnaire hard copy, as not everyone finds online forms easy to use. You use the serum for 4 weeks, then send me your completed questionnaire.

If you are interested: Please reply to the newsletter, or email separately  with your:



Skin type/ancestry – different origins mean different skin challenges in this country

Occupation/environment (e.g. mostly indoors in front of computers/mostly outdoors/swim instructor/ mostly indoors, smoker etc).

How you describe your skin, and anything that you feel important about it

The brand of skincare you use mostly.

What area you live in.