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I'm Elizabeth, clinical herbalist and naturopath, practising in both central Auckland, and Thames.

I combine tailored herbal formulas, high-quality supplements and a pragmatic, common sense approach to diet and lifestyle.

Natural health is about restoring balance – I’m assuming you’re here because you want to take charge of your health and find that balance.

Some common themes that I work with:

  • A nagging sense that things aren’t right, despite all your tests being within normal range
  • Being diagnosed with a chronic illness or autoimmune condition, and wanting to learn better ways to manage health and minimise symptoms
  • A feeling that energy levels just don’t let you enjoy life any more
  • You’ve decided that PMS needs to stop ruling your life
  • Finding that restful sleep isn’t happening often enough
  • That grumbling tummy issue is getting more difficult to deal with
  • You feel that your health and wellness aren’t moving in the right direction

Whatever it is, I’m not going to give you a protocol, or preach a miracle diet at you.

I treat such a range of issues that challenge people because the principles are the same. Identify what led you down the path here, and what’s going to lead you out towards wellness.

It might be nervine herbs, specific mindfulness and exercise practices, it might be targetted supplements and eating changes, or it might be purely some personalised herbs are the go.

Health and well-being are dynamic states – which is to say, they’re constantly changing, and we need to change our approach to keep them optimal.

I am a member of these professional bodies: New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists, Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand, American Herbalist Guild.

I hold a Bachelor of Natural Medicine with Distinction.