I practice in both Auckland and Thames and offer online consultations for those outside of these areas. 

Some Southern Cross members can claim on their insurance for consultation costs.

Please see below for an outline of the services I offer and pricing. To book or for any enquiries, simply contact me via email: or phone/text me on +64 (0)21 494 262


You’re unsure if I can help you and you'd like to ask some questions or you just want to find out if I'm the right practitioner for you, and how it all works? Let have a chat!

In person or online: $125
A comprehensive case take and analysis. Expect to talk a lot as I gain a picture of where you came from to reach this place. You will leave with foundational steps regarding diet and lifestyle, and generally with an initial supplement/herbal formula. It helps to bring your medical records, and details of any medications and supplements. Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to fill in a  food diary. This allows your assessment appointment to be focused towards your key issues.In

In-person or online: $80
After your first appointment I research and analyse your situation to create your individualized health plan, including key goals.
The plan will include herbs, nutritional supplements where indicated, as well as lifestyle and dietary elements. Together, we’ll discuss it and determine the best approach, so as not to overwhelm you with changes. The plan is a live document, providing the blueprint for your health journey.

In person or online $65
A regular check in: reviewing what’s going on, new herbs and recommendations to fit.

Assessment Consultation: $75
Treatment Plan and review: $50
Follow up appointments: $50

Herbal Formula 50ml - $18
Herbal formula 100ml -$25
Herbal formula 200ml - $50
Herbal formula 500ml -$125
Bach Flowers - $15
Bespoke Balm or Ointment 60g - $25

Bespoke Herbal tisane 20g - $22

Supplements and requirements differ widely, so it is difficult to give an indication of price, although a common monthly spend might range from $50-150 for supplements and around 120 per month on herbs (less for children). Some people choose to focus on lifestyle and dietary elements.

More in-depth functional testing may be suggested for mineral deficiencies, heavy metals, genetic elements or hormone evaluation, and prices will be discussed at that time.

Clinical evaluation always comes first, however if expected results are not being achieved or there is a suspected underlying pathology, referral to your GP may be required for tests and diagnoses.