Group Workshops

A great idea for hens parties or other celebrations with friends or if you just want to learn more about natural products and get well together with friends!

These are held at your home, for you and a group of up to 4 friends (5 max, though this does depend on the size of your kitchen!)

The workshops can be tailored to your garden, your favourite herbs,  or a health issue or other theme.

Herbs In The Home Workshops: 

Make simple tea blends, spice mixes, balms, vinegars or tinctures to support your health with everyday herbs and ingredients.

$130 per person (includes some ingredients and packaging)

Home-made Botanical Skincare Workshops: 

Learn how to make your own natural skincare products from beautiful botanic ingredients, or how to use plants growing in your garden for your own beauty regime! I introduce you to the excitement of making your own natural cosmetic products. Have fun creating a moisturiser, mist, cleanser and mask to take home – learning about the properties of the herbs, and getting some knowledge of beauty ingredients along the way.

$180 per person (includes ingredients and packaging)

Garden Tailoring 

Discover the magic of using weeds for health, or how to identify some native herbal medicines, with a garden walk that explores your garden or a local foraging location to uncover herbs for your everyday use.

Walks start from $25 per person.

Alternatively, I provide consultation and input for herb or food gardens; no landscape architecture, unfortunately, but some practical evaluations of site, soil and plant lists, generally for an existing garden. Price dependent on situation, please contact me for more information.

For Bookings, please contact me via email: or phone/text 021 494 262