Coloured glassware with bowl of roses.

How to stay healthy during the holidays? There are thousands of blogs, articles and lists about this, so I'll keep my version very simple.

With holidays come an expectation that we'll indulge, and that in indulging, our health will suffer.

We'll eat the wrong things. We'll stop our healthy habits. Emotions will run high.

Or, instead, you could bring some focus to the break. Consider the holiday a diagnostic tool to check up on your life.

By which, I mean run a really simple test. As you break up for the holiday - how do you feel, and why?

Returning to the day to day afterwards - how do you feel, and why?

If you have a dull chronic stress all year, you may not realise what's darkening your life. But returning from a break helps bring it into perspective.

If being part of a big family gathering makes you sick - stop and think. What happens if you don't?

If you hate turkey and bubbles...switch it out for falafel and apple juice.

Ritual, custom and habit give shape and meaning, that's why they endure. But the shape can change, and so can the rituals, customs and habits.

However, if you're a bit busy to deal with reworking the traditions and finding a new job right now, no problem. You've brought an issue into the light, so give yourself time to think about it. top three things if you're doing all the social holiday things.

1/ Go one for one with water and alcohol. It helps sleep, skin and stress levels! Basic, and effective.

2/ Ginkgo biloba is hugely underrated as a recovery herb for over-indulgence of any kind. Take a good quality option to help your liver deal with the holiday parties, catch-ups and treats.

3/ Don’t create guilt. Either enjoy the whirl of indulgence, or decide you want to stick with simple whole foods and drinks. Don’t indulge then despair then indulge to get over the despair. If the serotonin boost from eating pavlova and drinking prosecco is greater than the clarity and focus you get from seasonal salads and clean protein, no problem. It’s all about balance, just like everything else in life.